The Material of Tubular Heating Elements for Water Tank

- Mar 06, 2020-

Electric Tubular Heating Elements have been widely used in water heating. Most of them are stainless steel heating pipes, but there are also customers using copper electric heating pipes. Is the copper or stainless steel electric Tubular Heating Elements for the water tank?


First, let's distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of copper heating pipes and stainless steel heating pipes:


Copper heating tube:

Advantages: good heat transfer performance, easy to weld, suitable for non-corrosive liquids

Disadvantages: non-corrosive, high price, it will cause patina pollution of water sources for a long time.


Stainless steel heating tube:

Advantages: strong corrosion resistance, mature welding process, low cost.

Disadvantages: the thermal conductivity is not good as copper.


Because the cost of copper material is high, most of the materials on the market are stainless steel, so when welding butt joints such as female ring gears, flanges and other accessories, the stainless steel water tank and the same material are dissimilar metals. We must use brazing and silver electrodes. This type of electrode is more expensive, which increases the cost, so compared to copper electric heating pipes, stainless steel electric heating pipes is stronger and more convenient for the water tank.