The Feature and Function of Silicone Rubber Heater

- Apr 15, 2020-

Silicone rubber heating sheet can be used according to the requirements of different temperature resistance (up to 250"), the thickness of Silicone rubber heater as the insulation substrate, soft and arbitrary bending, flexible, more easily close to the heating body.
The heating part of the Silicone rubber heating plate is made of iron chromium aluminum alloy etching heating wire or multi-strand nickel complexing wire, which has the characteristics of high heat conversion efficiency, high stability, strong heating uniformity and so on. Voltage (3.7440V, power, arbitrary requirements and specifications, shape can be changed according to the requirements of the design.
Can be used for heat transfer machine series heating oil drum heater, medical equipment heating and heat preservation, chemical pipeline heating large equipment heating semiconductor processing equipment, various mechanical instruments and meters heating and heat preservation medical equipment, aerospace transportation equipment.


Silicone electric heating sheet is very thin, light weight and flexibility. With this heater, you can get heat to wherever you need it, improving heat transfer, accelerating heating and reducing power requirements in the process. Fiberglass - reinforced silicone rubber gives your heater dimensional stability without loss of flexibility.
Silicone heating plate features: according to the actual shape and size design, including 3d geometry to meet your equipment. Damp-proof silicone rubber material provides longer heater life. Easy to paste and mark on your parts through vulcanization, adhesives, or fasteners etc.
Freezing protection and compression protection for many types of instruments and equipment. Medical equipment such as blood analyzer, test tube heater, widely used in massage chair cushion and so on. Computer aided Was added to stimulate a dozen machines plastic yellow wax । magnetization