Sealing glue for cartridge heater

- May 09, 2020-

The quality of the glue sealing effects the quality of the cartridge heater much, so the correct sealling method is critical important. the below is some of the notation for the operation of the glue sealing for the cartridge heaters:

1.Sl3012 insulation potting adhesive for single head electric cartridge heater within 150 degrees, which is mainly composed of epoxy resin, has high insulation grade, high hardness and good durability. After curing, the product is not brittle, showing a very beautiful black mirror light

2. Single head electric cartridge heater above 500 degrees Sl8303 high temperature glue, temperature resistance can reach 500-600 degrees. This product was originally used in the gluing and sealing of valves and flange plates. Now after communicating with a manufacturer of cartridge heater, the manufacturer recommended this product for them. After comparing and using the high temperature glue of other companies, the manufacturer finally determined that this product of our Shilicone can best meet his design requirements. They used to Imported products are used. Due to the long procurement cycle, untimely supply and high price of imported products, the cost has not been well controlled. After choosing our sl8303 high temperature resistant adhesive with 500 degrees, the product can basically replace foreign products after proper proportion and curing. It also provides favorable guarantee for their timely supply and cost control. They used to order three months in advance, but now they only need to order five working days in advance to greatly shorten their order cycle. After that, the company will continue to improve this product, which is closer to the requirements of the electric heating tube industry. At present, in addition to the above two products, there are sl8301 high temperature resistant adhesive of 1000 degrees and sl8306 high temperature resistant adhesive of 1800 degrees, which meet the design requirements of higher temperature. (please contact Jaye industry's sales or technical personnel for specific operation plan)