Production process of electric heating pipe powder filling

- Aug 23, 2020-

Production process of electric heating pipe powder filling:

Powder filling is a key process in the production process of electric heating pipe. It not only makes the filling density of insulating filler (such as MgO used in the production of heating tube) reach 2.3-2.5g/cm3 under vibration, but also ensures that the spiral heating wire can be evenly located in the center of the electric heating tube.


The powder filling work of the heating rod is carried out on the shaking table. The pipe is clamped on the shaking table. The pipe and powder hopper vibrate with the shaking table, and the powder filling material slowly falls down. The pipe with star shaped feet is constantly lifted with the continuous falling of powder. The function of the pipe is to make the spiral electric heating wire concentric with the tube. The rise of the catheter can be manual or robotic. When the pipe is filled with insulating filler and the conduit is all raised, remove the sleeve, remove the filled pipe and plug the end.

In order to avoid this disadvantage, Jaye adopts double-layer pipe. The upper end of the double-layer pipe is installed in the powder hopper. The powder insulating filler is fed between the double-layer pipes by gravity. A special powder loading nozzle is installed at the bottom of the double-layer pipe. When the vibration table is working, the powder flows through this nozzle and fills between the heating wire and the pipe.

In fact, powder loading has always been related to the surface heating uniformity of our electric heating tube, so it is very important for us to pay attention to the powder filling process in the process of producing electric heating tube, which may directly affect the quality of the electric heating tube produced.