Precautions for using ceramic heating plate

- Oct 09, 2019-

Instructions for use:

1. The working voltage of the ceramic heating plate must not exceed 10% of the rated value;

2. The connection part of the ceramic heating plate is placed outside the heating layer and insulation layer, and the shell should be effectively grounded;

Notes for use:

1. Before installation, check whether the installation position is consistent with the specifications of the ceramic electric heater and whether the operating voltage is consistent.

2. The ceramic heating plate is not waterproof, so do not contact it with oil, water and plastic particles during storage and installation to prevent electric leakage.

3. After use, if it is found that the surface has a scorched black color, it indicates that the heating and the heat-dissipating body are unbalanced and should be adjusted in time to prevent burn-through.

4. The ceramic heating plate must be closely attached to the heated body during installation. The surface of the heated body should be flat and complete without unevenness.

5. When using a high-temperature ceramic heating plate for heating, avoid cracking the tiles due to hard knocks or collision with hard objects. The exposed alloy resistance wire affects the operating life.