Precautions for using cast aluminum heating element

- Dec 02, 2020-

Precautions for using cast aluminum heating element
For cast aluminum heating elements, use a megohmmeter to measure the U, V, W and PE terminals of each cast aluminum heating tube set in the switchboard, record the insulation resistance value, and ensure that the cold resistance is not less than 2MΩ. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance value of each group of cast aluminum heating tubes U, V, W in the switchboard to ensure that the cast aluminum heating tubes meet the following ranges:

1. The shell is not damaged
2. The cable sealing joint of the junction box should be reliably sealed, and there should be no obvious connection gap by visual inspection.
3. In the cast aluminum heating tube control cabinet, the indicators are normal. SCR power adjustment is normal. The contactor is normal for pick-up and release.
4. The connecting wire is not aging or damaged.

Cast aluminum heating band is currently one of the ideal heating pipes at home and abroad. An insulation layer can be added to the outside of the heating pipe according to user needs, which has higher thermal efficiency and can save about 30% of electricity. With the widespread use, there are many problems in use, so we need to pay special attention to the following situations:

The phenomenon of aluminum melting during the use of cast aluminum heater
This phenomenon must be caused by the overheating of the operating temperature. The normal working temperature of the cast aluminum heater is 10-350 degrees, and the melting point is between 500-600. The phenomenon of melting must be caused by the internal heating element using over-temperature to cause the external aluminum to melt. The common reasons for over-temperature are:

1.The temperature sensor is not accurate. 

2.The thermostat is out of control.
Therefore, the phenomenon of aluminum melting occurs during use. Check temperature control equipment

2.The cast aluminum heating band is energized without heating

Generally, there are two situations when the cast aluminum heating bangd is energized without heating:

1.There is dust in the insulating ceramic cap of the terminal

2.The heating wire inside is broken
The troubleshooting is very simple: first clean the inside of the insulating ceramic cap of the terminal, and then measure the resistance. If there is still no resistance, then the heating wire inside is broken, just replace it in time.

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