Polymer Electrothermal Heating Film

- Mar 07, 2020-

Heating material: conductive polymer composite material. In the production process, firstly, functional polymer conductive composite materials are synthesized by different molecular design methods. The conductive polymer materials are uniformly coated on the substrate of pre implanted electrode to form naked electric film through spraying or comma coating process, and different insulating materials are covered to form polymer electric film.

Polymer electrothermal film was born in Japan. Xinyuyang is the only manufacturer of polymer electrothermal film in China. It has many patents and proprietary technologies. In terms of product technology, it has realized "three arbitrary" technical advantages, such as "arbitrary width and shape, arbitrary use voltage (both AC and DC), and arbitrary unit area power". It has developed different series in multiple application fields Products.

The power density of polymer electrothermal film is realized by adjusting the degree of polymerization, the number and proportion of positive and negative polar groups and the free electric number of the heating material, rather than by adding or subtracting the coating amount.

Although the types of electric heating film are different, they all contain three common parts: heater, electrode and insulating layer. They are all the structures of outer insulating layer and inner heating body. The difference is that the metal based electric heating film and the carbon based ink electric heating film are directly pressed between the insulating polyester film, while the carbon fiber and the polymer electric heating film are coated with the heating material on the substrate, and then coated with the insulating material.

Different types of electrothermal film have different electrothermal characteristics and application properties due to different heating materials and different production and processing processes, such as: limit value of power density, thermal stability and thermal uniformity of the heating body, anti-oxidation aging ability, power degradation, cracking and swelling, etc., which directly determine the most suitable application of the product This will be discussed in the next lecture "Application of electric heating film".