Note for resistance wire when application.

- Sep 21, 2020-

Note for resistance wire when application.


Resistance wire is one of most important heating elements in the heaters. not matter for tubular heater or silicone heaters or hot plates. selecting the right resistance wire will decide the quality and cost of the heating elements directly, so it is critical important to know some notifications for the resistance wires when application:


1. The resistance wire should be designed according to the power connection method, reasonable surface load, and the correct wire diameter;


2. The resistance wire should be fully inspected before installation to remove the hidden dangers of ferrite, carbon formation, and contact with the electric furnace, and avoid short circuits to prevent the resistance wire from breaking down;


3, the resistance wire should be correctly connected according to the designed wiring method when installing;


4. Before using the resistance wire, check the sensitivity of the temperature control system to prevent the temperature control from failing and causing the resistance wire to burn out.

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