Maintenance of clothes dryer

- Mar 31, 2020-

To make sure the clothes dryer has a long lifetime, maintenance is very important. How to do the maintenance of the clothes dryer?

1. After use, be sure to unplug the power plug from the outlet.

2. Use a dry soft cloth to wipe the surface of the household clothes dryer. Dirt that is difficult to wipe off can be wiped with a cloth soaked in neutral detergent. However, you must not use a hard brush, abrasive powder, thin material, volatile oil, etc.

3. After each use, remove the lint filter and use a soft brush to remove the swarf from the filter screen, taking care not to break the filter screen. If it is difficult to remove, you can also gently rinse with water. After cleaning, don't forget to put on the fleece filter cover.

4. If there are no special requirements, please do not fill the hinge of the door or the bearing of the roller, otherwise, it will be the opposite.

5. Remove dust from the air intake, exhaust, and ventilation holes of the body in a timely manner, and be careful not to block it.