KSD test methods and how to determine whether it is working properly

- Nov 23, 2020-

The KSD thermostat bends the metal sheet according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, so as to achieve rapid tripping and connection within the preset temperature range, which protects the electrical appliances. The disconnection temperature and reset temperature can be based on customer needs While making. It is widely used. In order to better understand the KSD thermostat, let me introduce you to its test methods and how to determine whether it is working properly.


The KSD thermostat produced by the company is a bimetallic disc instantaneous temperature controller with a fixed temperature. It is connected to the grounding metal part of the equipment through the metal cover of the thermostat. Its appearance requires good processing and cannot be damaged. Damages, cracks, deformation, burrs, stains and other defects in performance and commodity value.


The KSD thermostat of Jaye industry is an automatic reset type, and its temperature characteristics are as follows:

1. Disconnect temperature OFF: 125±5℃;

2. Reset temperature ON: automatic reset.


KSD thermostat test method:

1. Clamp the thermostat in the test area and wait for the temperature in the temperature test area to balance before starting the test.

2. Air is used as the heating medium in the test furnace, and a thermometer or temperature sensor is placed in the temperature measurement area.

3. Starting at 2K before the temperature enters the operating temperature tolerance range, heating or cooling is carried out at a temperature change rate of less than 1K/min, during which stirring must be carried out to make the temperature distribution fully uniform; the uniformity of the temperature distribution in the temperature measurement area is ±0.4K Within.


How to judge whether the KSD thermostat is working normally

KSD thermostat is the key to protecting the temperature of electrical appliances. Today we will talk about how to judge whether the KSD thermostat is working normally. In order to make everyone better understand, I try to explain the popular points as much as possible so that everyone can understand.


First, connect the power cord, sensor line and fan line to the thermostat, and observe when the power is on: if the three-phase temperature display is basically balanced, there is no fault alarm and the over-temperature alarm indicator and the trip indicator are off, press the panel by hand. Manual or automatic" button, if the fan indicator is on, then the fan should be started and then press the "manual or automatic" button, the fan indicator should be on and off, the fan should stop rotating at this time, it can basically judge that the thermostat is working normally.