Introduction of silicone heating blanket

- Feb 20, 2021-

Introduction of silicone heating blanket

Product description: Silicone heating blanket is mainly composed of nickel-chromium alloy heating wire and glass fiber reinforced silicone rubber insulating cloth at high temperature. It has the characteristics of fast heat generation, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, high strength, convenient use, long safety life, not easy to age, and can be bent and deformed on the surface of the object, and can evenly transfer heat to every part that contacts the heated object.


Technical parameters: The temperature range is -60℃—250℃ for long-term heating. The heating core has high resistance alloy wire and metal etching foil. The insulation layer withstand voltage is 20-50KV/mm2, which can be used with complete confidence. 1) Temperature resistance of insulating material: 300℃ 2) Working temperature: 250℃ 3) Insulation resistance: ≥500 MΩ/DC 1000V 4) Compressive strength: ≥AC1500v/5S 5) Power deviation: ±5% 6) 1.2m× Xm minimum 15mm×15mm thickness 1.5mm (minimum 0.8mm, maximum thickness 4.5mm) lead length: standard 130mm, beyond the above size can be customized.


Note: It can be customized according to the voltage, power, size and product shape required by the user (such as: oval, cone, etc.). Installation method: Due to the different shapes of this product, choose pressing, double-sided adhesive sticking, punching positioning, room temperature vulcanization and other methods to install and use according to the actual site. The safe life span is as long as five years.