Introduction of fuse for PTC heating element

- Dec 08, 2020-

Introduction of fuse for PTC heating element

The rated voltage of the PTC heating element fuse refers to the maximum voltage that the fuse can withstand after it is disconnected. When the fuse is switched on, the voltage at both ends is far less than its rated voltage. There are many types of fuses. 

The commonly used fuses for high-temperature fans are mainly glass tube fuses. There is no need to add a reduction rate to ICE-standard fuses, that is, fo=1, For UL standard fuses, the reduction rate fo=0.75. f1 is the reduction rate after considering the temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the hotter the fuse works and the shorter its life. 

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The PTC heating element, which surrounds the air temperature around the fuse, should not be confused with room temperature. There is no need for special thermostats, thermocouples and temperature sensors for temperature feedback, that is, heating control of the heater can be carried out. Its temperature adjustment is based on its own material characteristics, so that the product has a service life much longer than other heaters.