Industry and medical vacuum oven working way

- Feb 27, 2020-

First, the working principle of high-temperature vacuum baking box: The vacuum drying box is a box-type drying equipment that dry the dried materials under negative pressure. It uses a vacuum pump to extract air and dehumidify, so as to form a vacuum state in the working room, reduce the boiling point of water, and speed up the drying speed.


Second, high-temperature vacuum oven use: Vacuum drying test box is widely used in biochemical, chemical pharmaceutical, medical and health, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research application areas, for powder drying, baking and drying heat sensitivity, easy decomposition, easy oxidation Substances and complex ingredients are ridiculed for fast and efficient drying.


Third, the heating system:

1. The heating material is a high temperature resistant heating tube;

2. Temperature setting range: RT + 10 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, freely set the temperature value you want;

3. Programmable temperature controller: freely adjust the heating time to reach the required temperature;

Fourth, the temperature control system: PID microcomputer automatic temperature control system, through the sensitive detection of the control head to sense the temperature of the cabinet studio, feedback to the microcomputer, through the microcomputer's automatic and fast program operation, quickly and automatically adjust the output end output Power to achieve precise control at the set precise value.

V. Protection system:

1. Over-temperature protection system: The machine is equipped with an over-temperature protection system and an automatic fuse fuse system when the power is too large at the power input of the machine.

2. High temperature protection system: When the temperature is out of control due to external forces, the system will automatically stop the whole power supply when the temperature exceeds 10 degrees, thereby protecting the safety of your products and machines.

3. Over current protection system: When the power of the whole machine exceeds the normal power due to the excessively high voltage or other reasons, the system will automatically power off to protect the industrial control components of the whole machine from being damaged.