How to use the oil barrel Silicoine heater

- Apr 29, 2020-

Silicone rubber heater is widely used for heating and loading when it is difficult to pump and discharge low-liquid-point fluids such as grease, asphalt, heavy oil, paints, inks, wax products, and petrolatum.

This product has high thermal efficiency, cleanliness and sanitation. In use, it is easy to operate and safe to use.

How to use the oil barrel heater:

Move the product to the required place, open the two buckles of the heater, place the heated oil barrel on the chassis heater and the barrel heater, and then fasten the barrel buckle to connect the power cord to Under the protective switch box (both the barrel and the chassis) and the grounding wire of the heater, adjust the set temperature of the temperature controller to the required temperature value, adjust the time to the required set time, and start heating jobs. (At this time, the temperature in the barrel is lower than the set temperature. The green light in the meter is on. When the required temperature is reached, the green light is off. The red light is on the meter and the temperature is displayed. At this time, the time timer starts counting, but the set time At that time, the heater stopped working.)


1. The heater should be effectively grounded to ensure personal safety.

2. Select a suitable power supply according to the power of the heater.

3. The heater should be protected from the effects of moisture and other harmful corrosive gases, and should not collide with other objects.

4. The bottom of the heated oil barrel should be in contact with the chassis heater.