How to Use Electric Heating Equipment Correctly

- Jul 07, 2020-

When use the electric heater, it is absolutely forbidden to touch it with wet hands, and at the same time, it is not possible to replace electrical components or light bulbs with wet hands. When you need to move the device, you should first cut off the power. It is strictly forbidden to drag or pull the device, or pull the wire plug. It is easy to loosen or pull off the root of the power cord or the root of the plug, which may causing electric shock. For electric heating equipment without automatic control, the power shall be cut off when no one or do not use the equipment.

For equipment with harmful radiation, the user must follow the safety distance specified in the manual. When the device has abnormal odor, noise and temperature, stop using and check it. Do not place the device in a hot and humid environment with a lot of dust or a flammable or corrosive odor. The device should be placed in a fixed location and has better not to move, and keep it dry and clean.