How to use an oil drum heater?

- Apr 03, 2020-

Although the oil drum heaters can achieve rapid object heating, they have the advantages of uniform heating surface, strong applicability, simple operation, and low failure rate. But at the same time, some users find that there are some problems in the practical application of the oil barrel heater, for example, the ability to maintain a constant temperature is insufficient, and the operability is low.

how to solve the problems encountered in the application of oil drum heaters? There are 2 suggestions that may work.

(1) Firstly, the exterior of the oil drum heater, including the oil drum body, is mainly the heating equipment outside the oil drum body. Considering that the temperature cannot be maintained, the reason may be that the heating device is incorrectly set. When installing the heating device, it is necessary to surround the plastic heating plate on the inner surface of the oil drum with a spring, a probe device, and a power supply device that controls the oil barrel body. Relying on the thermal conductivity of the plastic heating plate, it also cooperates with the control device to ensure the heating effect and achieve the purpose of maintaining constant temperature.

(2) Then there is a temperature sensor. The so-called temperature sensor can be set to a minimum temperature. If the heating object is lower than the temperature value, the heating device will automatically combine with the control device to start heating. The goal of constant heating is achieved, and the temperature of the object can be controlled at any time.