How to use a silicone drum heater?

- Apr 10, 2020-

Silicone drum heaters are simple, it is normally made of electric silicone heating belt with metal fastens, thermostat and power plug. 

Firstly, wrap the drum heater on the drum barrel and fasten them on the barrel( when you buy the drum heater, you need to buy the size which is with the diameter size of the drum barrel). Then connect the power cord Under the switch box with protection device (both barrel and chassis) and the ground wire of the heater, adjust the set temperature of the temperature controller to the required temperature value, and adjust the time to the required set time, then start heating jobs. (At this time, the temperature in the barrel is lower than the set temperature, the green light in the instrument is on when the desired temperature is reached, the green light is off, the red light is on, and there is a temperature display. At this time, the time timer starts counting, but the set time is reached, The heater stops working.)