How to Order Silicone Heating Element

- Jun 24, 2020-

In addition to providing us with dimensions and electrical parameters, the following information also needed.

  1. Please tell us the environment.,

Because the environment is different, the temperature is also different. Without special instructions, our default ambient temperature is room temperature 20 degrees, no wind. For example, you need to heat an object to 80 degrees, the default temperature is from room temperature 20 degrees to 80 degrees, the temperature difference is 60 degrees, if the ambient temperature is -20 degrees, then the temperature difference is 100 degrees, if you do not tell us in advance what the ambient temperature is used, it will not meet your ideal temperature requirements.

2. Need to tell us what to heat.

Because there are various specific heat capacity of objects, the heating effect will be different. For example, when the same environment and the same power are heated to the same temperature, the aluminum plate conducts heat quickly, while the plastic plate conducts heat slowly, and the time required to heat the aluminum plate is much shorter. In addition, some objects are not resistant to high temperature, such as plastic, and the power cannot be made too high.

3. The shape of the heated object needs to be clear

Because silicone heaters are all flat shape, it is flexible and foldable, the shape of the object to be heated must be defined.