How to fix a bread toaster?

- Apr 01, 2020-

When we come across a problem while using a bread toaster, do you know how to fix it? Following are some points we may check,

Step 1: To access the lock plate, remove the lever, knob, and fasteners, and then remove the side panel. For some models, you need to remove the lever, knob, debris tray door, and fasteners, and then remove the entire case. Fasteners are usually located on the bottom of the toaster, but some models hide them under the side shields and stickers.

Step 2: After removing the boot cover, check the lock plate assembly for obvious problems, such as food particles or loose parts blocking the assembly. Use compressed air cans to blow away food scraps to clean the lock pieces.

Step 3: Pull the carriage lever up and down to check if it moves smoothly. If the carriage is stiff, carefully lubricate the tow lever of the locking lever. At this time, a petroleum lubricant should be used and ensure that it is not coated on nearby electronic parts.

Step 4: Check whether the locking piece can be opened and closed smoothly. It may be necessary to gently bend the locking tab to keep it in place.

Repairing the chassis: Most units in the toaster are mounted on a frame called the chassis. When repairing or replacing many internal parts, including heating elements, the chassis needs to be removed from the toaster housing. To disassemble the toaster: Remove the lever, knobs, and fasteners, and then gently lift the case from the chassis.

Some toasters also need to be unplugged from the inside before the chassis can be completely removed. Depending on the severity of the toaster problem, sometimes the entire chassis may need to be replaced, and sometimes only one or two components need to be replaced.