How to distinguish the quality of heating films

- Mar 06, 2020-

 With the development of heating film in the market in recent years, more and more users will first consider heating film when choosing heating. For customers, some unqualified products appear in this market, and it will be difficult to identify the quality of things. So how to better distinguish the quality of heating film? I will give you a detailed introduction on this issue today, and I hope it can help you.


We all know that the PET film as the basis of heating film. Big business will choose manufacturer of fixed PET film for production or self-production, but some small uses cheapest PET on the market, which can not promise the quality. If it can not guarantee the basis, how can ensure the quality of heating film?


There are many ways to identify the heating film is good or bad. For example, we can knead the heating film into a ball and then electrifying over 5 minutes. If the heating film can not bear it which is unqualified. Connecting the heating film to the wire and waterproofing is properly performed, soaking it in water for more than 1 hour and then heating with electricity, some low-quality can not work normally; High voltage test, the heating film with good performance can withstand high voltage of 3750V; Cutting along the copper sheet and then tear it apart, looking at the printed part from the reverse side, some low-quality films are not by high temperature treatment, which result in transparent gaps and then appear unsafe situations.