How to determine the diameter, length and lead length of electric heating elements

- Mar 27, 2020-

The shape of Cartridge heater is selected according to the customer's heating equipment.

The shape of stainless steel heating pipe is ever-changing, the simplest is straight bar, U-shaped and then to special-shaped. The electric heating pipe of specific shape shall be adopted for specific situation.

The wall thickness of the Cartridge heater is determined according to the use of the heating pipe of the customer

Generally, the wall thickness of the heating pipe is 0.8mm, but according to the working environment of the heating pipe, such as the case of high water pressure, seamless stainless steel pipe with thick wall point is needed to make the electric heating pipe. .

The choice of heating tube is really important. The right choice can make the heating tube play a greater extreme, and also can make the product play a greater extreme. So I hope that the customer must pay attention when choosing.

According to the specific use environment and the space requirements for the installation of electric heating elements, determine the diameter, length and outgoing line length of the electric heating pipe;