How to choose the insulating material MgO Powder for the electric tubular heating elements?

- Aug 22, 2020-

How to choose the insulating material MgO Powder for the electric tubular heating elements?

The selection of the filling insulation material MgO directly affects the life of the electric tubular heating elements.

Choosing the wrong filling insulation material, especially in high-temperature electric tubular heating elements, is prone to burst tube breakdown.

Now let us talk about the filling insulation materials commonly used in Jaye.

Magnesium oxide powder(MgO) will continue to increase with the temperature, which will cause continuous changes in insulation properties. Therefore, to produce electric tubular heating elements, it is critical important to select the right magnesium oxide powder of different low-temperature-electrical-grade-mgo-power01344950690temperatures according to different working temperatures and working conditions.

Based on the standard:

The temperature below 400℃, use the low temperature MgO powder.

The Temperature more than 400℃, but less than 600℃, use the middle temperature MgO powder.

When the temperature more than 600℃, but less than 850℃,Use the high temperature MgO powder.

Note: For components whose maximum temperature is higher than 450°C or the temperature that may be encountered during processing exceeds 450°C, brass lead rods are not allowed.

Don't be greedy for cheap, buy a low-temperature heating tube for high temperature, it is not worth the loss. Why is the price of the tubular heating elements with high temperature and high surface load so high? To a large extent, it is caused by the different selection and cost of various raw materials. At the same time, China's magnesium oxide powder resources are becoming more and more scarce, and the cost is constantly increasing, so the price is also constantly increasing. From this aspect, it can also be seen that the price trend of electric tubular heating elements in the future will continue to rise.