How to choose infrared heating tube under vacuum ambience?

- Oct 22, 2020-

Some customers dont know how to choose infrared heating tube under vacuum ambience, today, we are going to talk about this matter in details:

1. In the vacuum state, only infrared heating is available for heating, and the others are invalid;


2. Under vacuum conditions, regardless of the medium, you only need to consider the wavelength absorption characteristics of the heated material and the temperature conduction of the material (the material itself and the material of the device itself); for example, heating the plastic under vacuum, you can directly use the fast Medium-wave infrared heaters, but when arranging, the heat conduction loss of the machine itself needs to be considered, so the power of the surrounding heaters should be adjusted.


3. In the vacuum state, because of the pressure, the heater is prone to electrode ignition and breakdown accidents. Therefore, when designing the infrared heater, the voltage is best to use low voltage treatment (such as 110V, etc.).


To achieve energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection, the actual situation when using infrared heaters is summarized as:


1. For heating materials that can be directly radiated, medium and short-wave infrared heaters can be used. For materials that cannot be directly radiated, medium and long-wave infrared heaters are recommended. That is, different environments and products should use different heaters;


2. For heating requiring high efficiency and fastest response, medium and short wave infrared radiation heaters should be used. For those that do not require high reaction speed (such as long opening in a tunnel furnace), it is recommended to choose standard medium waves with longer service life.

3. In the vacuum state, the type of wavelength device is very important, and the heater arrangement is also very important (designed by professionals), please do not use high voltage easily;


4. The infrared heater uses electricity as an energy source and has no pollution source; the infrared radiation generated is beneficial to the human body (such as infrared physiotherapy), but as the temperature rises, the infrared heating lamp produces high color temperature visible light, and it is recommended to do corresponding protection , Long-term exposure to strong light can damage the eyes.