How to choose a microwave oven?

- Apr 02, 2020-

From the control aspect, it is divided into two categories: computer microwave ovens and mechanical microwave ovens.

Computer-type microwave ovens are suitable for young people and people with higher education levels. The advantage is that it can accurately control the heating time. Depending on the food being heated, there are a variety of programs to choose from. High-end products may also have some other additional functions. The disadvantage is that there are many buttons and the operation is difficult to grasp.

Mechanical microwave ovens are most suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. The advantage is that the operation is simple, clear, and the product has good reliability, which is suitable for the elderly.

In terms of function, it is divided into two types, with and without barbecue. People who like to eat barbecue may wish to buy a barbecue microwave.

Inverter microwave ovens are different from traditional microwave ovens in that they are easy to unevenly heat up. Inverter microwave ovens use automatic adjustment and continuous output of microwave energy, which can meet the requirements of different foods for different firepower, and truly realize automatic control from strong to weak fires. Not only does it ensure the taste and color of the food, but it also fully retains the nutritional content of the food. And when cooking for a long time at low power, the surface or edge of the food will not burn out. In terms of cooking speed, frequency conversion steam cube microwave ovens use inverters to replace high-voltage transformers and high-voltage capacitors, reducing the loss of the power conversion part, increasing the thermal efficiency by more than 5%, and increasing the effective power by nearly 10%. Under the same conditions, the cooking time was reduced by 10%. In terms of energy saving, energy efficiency is as high as about 64%, which is 62% higher than the national standard first-level energy consumption standard.