How to choose a marine equipment hotplate

- Feb 28, 2020-

            How to choose a marine equipment electric hot plate?


Hot plate is a spare parts for heating. It is popular used in electric kettle, rice cooker, electric stove, electric iron, steam machine, cleaning machine etc. We may have some ideas of the hot plate of the home appliance which we usually use. But do you know the hot plate for marine stove?

Because of the environment of the marine is very wet with the water of the ocean, so when we develop it, we need to do more moisture, corrosion resistance, better material selection. In addition, for the sake of energy conservation, marine induction cookers are more sophisticated in saving electricity, and their energy consumption is smaller, and it is easy to not waste a little electricity. Then we need to make sure the hot plate with good thermal conversion and with long life time.

Now in the market, the best marine electric hot plate parts would be solid hot plate. Depending on the shape of the stove, they can be round hot plate and square hot plate, round hot plate has sizes with diameter 145mm, 180mm, 220mm and square hot plate 300*300mm. For different wattage, they can be with thermostat for temperature control and safety control.