How to adjust the oven timer accurately?

- Jun 21, 2020-

At present, although many ovens also have timing system, but relatively speaking, it is better to buy oven timer alone. In particular, some large-scale bakeries may use different types of ovens every day. If they cannot guarantee good time control, they are also prone to various problems. If the timer is inaccurate, how can we deal with it?

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Because when we need to use the oven timer, the time may not be very long, usually within ten minutes. So as soon as we turn the scale to, we have to start baking, so that the time can be accurate enough. If it's time but it's still not baked, or there's a paste smell, it can basically be judged that there's a problem with the timer. We can first adjust the time to more than 20 minutes, and then turn it back to 10 minutes, so that the problem can be solved.

Generally, it only needs simple processing, and the oven timer can be restored to the normal timing, so it is easy to avoid the problem of inaccurate time. But if the timer stops after a few minutes, or it is difficult to ensure the accuracy all the time, it may be the internal construction is damaged, so it is necessary to contact a special person for internal inspection, or replace a new timer, so as not to affect the baking.