How much is a stainless steel heating element

- Mar 06, 2020-

How much is a stainless steel heating element? This is a concern for many customers. When some customers ask such a question, the sales of JAYE INDUSTRY will explain:“ There is various prices of heating element. It is designed by customers’ requirements. The shape and size in different working environment are also different. Because it is a non-standard element, there is no uniform price either. So, how to calculate the price of a heating tube?


The specifications need to provide by customers:


  1. Voltage, wattage

Voltage and wattage as the most based parameters of each heating tube. Generally, it does effect the price, but it is an indispensable part of customized heating tube.


  1. The diameter and length of heating tube

Pipe diameter: it can be measured by a vernier caliper.

1.The single-head tube is the total length of heating tube.

2.The U shape tube is the unilateral length and center distance. It needs to the length of fastener if have.

3.The length of flange heater: it needs to unilateral length of single-tube, the quantity of U shape tube.


  1. Fastener and flange

1.The size of fastener is confirmed to pipe diameter.

2.The size of flange is confirmed to the quantity and diameter of U shape tube, different size of flange, the price is also different.


  1. Working temperature

It commonly uses carbon steel, SUS301, SUS321, SUS316l and SUS310S as the material of heating tube. Different working temperature and heating medium, the choice of materials is also not the same.


It can be seen from the above that the price of heating tube is composed of various aspects. In addition, some customers will have special requirements, which are related to production process. Therefore, the known specifications should provide to us so that we can quote the price to customers.