How does the mica heating plate work?

- Jan 06, 2021-

How does the mica heating plate work?

Application of mica heating plate:

1. Household appliances: electric iron, hair dryer, toaster, coffee maker, microwave oven, electric heater, etc.

2. Metallurgical and chemical industry: power frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, electric arc furnace, injection molding machine, etc. in the metallurgical industry.

How does the mica heating plate work after heating up?

1. Because of the adhesive process used for the electric heating wire mica heating plate, the metal heating wire and the mica heating plate have different expansion coefficients after heating and they are simply layered. Together, the glue volatilizes under high temperature and will simply fall off in the future. The heating wires are interwoven. Simple short circuit.

2. Because of the special gluing process of the heating wire, the glue will turn into powder at high temperature and smelt an unpleasant smell, and the smell is rich in formaldehyde.

3. The local current of the heating wire in the corner is too large, the temperature is too high (up to 500-700 degrees), simple damage and formation risk, some manufacturers have shown that the mica base material is burned out of a black hole, and even caused Risk of fire.

4. Because the heating wire is linear heating, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of heating. The surface temperature of the heating wire reaches 500 degrees. Therefore, the heating wire mica heating plate will bake a linear black on the surface of the mica plate after a period of time. The impression is beautiful. If the external mica is exposed to this kind of high temperature for a long time, it can affect the service life of the mica base material.

5. The mica heating plate has a large starting current, usually 3-4 times the rated current. It also heats up in the junction box. Therefore, the electric heating plate simply presents the appearance of firing and shooting at the outlet box, even in the products of some supporting manufacturers. It presents the appearance of a large black hole burning at the junction box.

6. The mica heating plate uses a series circuit design. If one point is damaged, the entire electric heater is scrapped. Our product uses a full parallel circuit design. If it shows extreme conditions, even if a hot piece is damaged, it will It does not affect other hot parts operations, and consumers can't feel it.

7. Safety: If there is an extreme condition, the heating wire will first burn a large hole in the mica layer, and will always be energized and heated at the super-rated power until the heating wire is completely blown. This process may ignite flammable wood floors, carpets, etc. Things. In extreme conditions, such as the use of abnormal voltage, the electric heating film mica heating plate will be personally disconnected, resulting in a power drop, or the heating element will self-destruct and no longer generate heat, which will not cause fire and other risks.

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