How a bread toaster works?

- Apr 01, 2020-

The basic principle of any toaster application is simple. The toaster uses infrared radiation to heat the slices of bread (for information on infrared radiation, see How Thermos Works). When you put in the bread and see the coil turn red, it is the coil that is generating infrared radiation, which can gradually dry and zoom the surface of the bread toaster

Most pop-up electric toasters use the same working mechanism. First, place slices of bread, frozen waffles, toaster strudel, or other similar food into the tray through the slots on the toaster top. Next, use the lever on the side of the toaster to lower the tray into the chassis.

When the bracket reaches the bottom, the bracket lock will be closed and the internal switch will be activated to start the healing process. In this process, the thermostat will determine the length of time the current is delivered from the power line to the heating element.

When setting the thermostat, the toaster operator can use the control knob or lever to adjust the baking cycle. After reaching the set temperature, the heating process will be terminated, at this time the solenoid will turn off the power and release the locking sheet so that the bracket can be ejected and restored to its original position. At this time, the toaster operator can easily remove the baked food.