Exhibition scope of China Import and Export Fair

- Apr 21, 2020-

Electronics and home appliances, consumer goods, textiles and clothing
   Lighting Gifts Footwear
   Vehicles and accessories, home decorations, office, luggage and leisure products
   Machinery, medicine and healthcare
   Hardware Tools Food
   Building Materials Import Pavilion
   Chemical products
   Import Zone

Electronics and home appliances
 Consumer Electronics and Information Products (Exhibitors in the Zone)
Audiovisual products: home theater equipment, VCD players, DVD players, CD players, microphones, karaoke equipment, TVs, set-top boxes, VCRs, recorders, repeaters, radios, amplifiers, speakers, car audio-visual systems, TV racks
Digital entertainment products: MP3 player, MP4 player, walkman, digital camera, tablet PC, video game products
Communication products: mobile phones, pagers, walkie-talkies, PDAs, telephones, fax machines, communication cables, antennas and receivers, pagers, radio equipment, radar navigation equipment, satellite communication equipment, satellite receivers, other communication equipment and equipment
Power products: dry batteries, lithium batteries, mobile power, power adapters, USB chargers
Computer products:
Computers and accessories: large and medium-sized electronic computers, small electronic computers, microcomputers, desktop computers, notebook computers, optical drives, floppy drives, hard drives, CPU, memory, sound cards, video cards, motherboards, keyboards, mice, monitors, mobile hard drives, U Disks, electronic computer parts, word processors, other electronic computers
Computer peripherals: printers, 3D printers, disks, CDs, tapes, scanners, digital cameras, burners, UPS, other peripherals
Computer network equipment: servers, modems, routers, hubs, network cards, workstations, switches
Computer software: operating software, office software, financial software, management software, image design software, computer security software, network tool software, game software, educational software, multimedia software, development and programming software, translation and dictionary software, smart home system software
Other electronic products: weather monitor, weather monitor combination device, weather monitor accessories
 Electronic and electrical products (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Electronic security equipment: monitors, alarms, automatic security products, detectors, sensors, channel control systems, home security products, office security systems, automatic security products, electronic lock systems, smart cards
Business automation equipment: copiers, electronic writing boards, projectors, shredders, attendance machines, image conferencing equipment, electronic cash registers, automatic teller machines, electronic punch cards, cash registers, barcode printers, barcode scanners, data collection Device, IC card
Electronic and electrical products: photoelectric devices, rectifiers, inverters, amplifiers, inverters, frequency dividers, relays, adapters, batteries, transformers, voltage regulators, inductors, reactors, circuit breakers, multimeters, connectors, measuring equipment , Chargers, electronic testing equipment, electronic components (capacitors, resistors, transistors, diodes, transistors, piezoelectric crystals, inductive components, coils, sockets, switches, wires, cables, circuit boards)
Electrical equipment: electric furnaces, line fittings, electrical carbon products, wires, cables, electrical porcelain, insulating materials, electrical appliances, batteries, etc.
 Household appliances (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Kitchen appliances: microwave oven, electric cooker, rice cooker, electric oven, gas stove, cooker hood, exhaust fan, dishwasher, sterilizer, food processor, juice extractor, blender, purifier
Refrigerator and refrigeration equipment: refrigerator, freezer
Air conditioning and ventilation equipment: air conditioner, electric fan, air humidifier, air dryer, air freshener
Washing and drying equipment: washing machine, dryer, electric iron
Other small household appliances: calculator, water heater, hair dryer, oxygen machine, electric shaver, electronic cutter, flashlight, vacuum cleaner, heater, mosquito killer

 Lighting products (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Lighting system applications: industrial lighting, decorative lighting, emergency and safety lighting, entertainment and stage lighting, office, advertising, exhibition lighting, outdoor lighting
Electric light source: fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, incandescent lamp, neon lamp, neon bulb, iodine tungsten lamp, magnesium bulb, bromine tungsten lamp
Lamp accessories: lampshade, lamppost, optical fiber, lamp panel, lamp holder, lamp cap, ballast, voltage regulator, transformer, starter, adapter, converter, sensor

Vehicles and accessories
 Bicycles (exhibitors in this zone)
Bicycles: bicycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters
Bicycle spare parts
 Motorcycles (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Motorcycle, ATV
Motorcycle spare parts
 Auto parts (Exhibitors in this zone)
Automobile parts: Engines and parts, cooling, lubrication and fuel supply parts, drivetrain parts, steering and braking parts, automobile instruments and parts, automobile electrical appliances and parts
Auto parts and optimized equipment
Maintenance and auto-related service supplies
 Vehicles (exhibitors in this zone)
Non-engineering vehicles: cars, passenger cars, off-road vehicles, chassis, trailers and trailer heads, insulated vehicles, freezing vehicles, tank cars, buses, ambulances, fire trucks, water trucks, tool vehicles, aircraft tractors, airport specials Vehicles, trolleybuses and equipment, golf carts, ATV full-field vehicles, banknote transporters, vans, trucks, dump trucks, etc.

 Power and electric equipment (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Power equipment: electric motor, generator set, diesel
Electrical equipment: generators, generating sets, power transmission equipment, cameras, etc.
 General machinery, small processing machinery and industrial parts (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
General machinery: various pumps, valves, fans, compressors, etc.
Small processing machinery: electric welding machine, gas cutting machine, cutting machine, bench drill, grinder, machine tool accessories, abrasives, diamonds and products, other various small machinery and equipment
Industrial parts: bearings, solid bodies, chains, springs, general valves, foundry products, forged products, molds, gears, powder metallurgy, pneumatic components, seals, hydraulic components and accessories, other mechanical parts
Instruments: electronic instruments, electrical instruments, microscopes, surveying and mapping instruments, observation instruments, physical optical instruments, other optical instruments, material testing machines, geological exploration equipment and instruments, thermal instruments, automation instruments, construction test instruments, hydrological and geotechnical instruments, experiments Laboratory instruments, special instruments, other physical and chemical instruments
Photographic equipment: film equipment, photographic equipment, other photo-engraving and film equipment
Printing equipment
Household sewing machines and parts, textile equipment
Transportation equipment: marine equipment and parts, underwater special equipment, aviation equipment and parts, railway vehicle equipment and equipment
Vehicle maintenance equipment: fuel injection nozzle washer, car lift, waste oil extraction machine, tire disassembly machine, balancing machine, four-wheel locator, cleaning machine, etc.
 Engineering Agricultural Machinery
Engineering agricultural machinery (indoor) (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Small construction machinery: vibrating rams, small hanging baskets, brick cutters, etc.
Agriculture and forestry machinery: harvesting machinery, farming machinery, mobile rice transplanter, manual rice transplanter, irrigation and drainage machinery, farmland construction machinery, livestock machinery, agricultural machinery parts, forestry machinery, other agricultural and forestry equipment, etc.
Garden machinery: lawn mowers, sprayers, other agricultural and forestry machinery
Agricultural and sideline products processing machinery: oil machinery, rice machinery, other grain and oil processing machinery, packaging equipment and materials, chemical inspection instruments, etc.
Engineering agricultural machinery (outdoor) (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Construction machinery: forklifts, excavators, dump trucks, truck cranes, crawler cranes, cement mixers, plate compactors, baskets, brick cutters, etc.
Civil engineering machinery: mining machinery, crane machinery, coal mine machinery, geological machinery, fire fighting machinery, petroleum machinery, etc.
Agriculture and forestry machinery: agricultural transport vehicles, tractors, harvesting machinery, cultivating boats, tillage agricultural machinery, motorized rice transplanters, manual rice transplanters, irrigation and drainage machinery, farmland construction machinery, animal husbandry machinery, agricultural machinery parts, forestry machinery, other agricultural and forestry equipment
 Large-scale machinery and equipment (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Large machinery: metal cutting machine tools, large woodworking machinery, textile machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, tobacco machinery, printing machinery, food processing machinery, rubber processing machinery, chemical machinery, forging machinery, casting machinery
Complete equipment: various light industrial production lines

Hardware tools
 Hardware (Exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Hardware: Furniture hardware, architectural hardware, decorative hardware, door and window hardware, iron products, bathroom hardware and accessories, locks and accessories, wire mesh, welding materials, low-pressure valves, plumbing equipment, cast iron products, cast forgings, fasteners, trolleys / Flatbed trucks and accessories, shelves / brackets and accessories, fire equipment, other hardware products
 Tools (Exhibitors in this zone)
Tools: measuring tools, abrasive tools, cutting tools, hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, hydraulic tools, welding tools, machine tools, cutting tools, agricultural tools

Building materials
 Construction and decoration materials (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Building materials: general building materials, metal building materials, chemical building materials, glass building materials, cement products, fireproof materials, thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation materials, HVAC / radiator materials and accessories
Coatings / Chemicals: Wall / Waterproof / Floor Coatings, Coating Auxiliaries, Coating Packaging Materials, Dry Powder Mortar, Adhesives, Admixtures, Auxiliaries, Construction Adhesives, Tapes, Sealants, Anti-rust Materials, Building Waterproof Materials, waterproof additives, anti-leakage materials, waterproof technology and related equipment
Pipe fittings
Decoration materials:
Tiles: wall tiles, floor tiles, other decorative tiles
Wood flooring: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring
Ceiling / curtain wall / wallpaper and interior decoration: ceiling, ceiling, wallpaper, aluminum plate / lead plate / point type / unit / metal curtain wall, curtain wall accessories and processing equipment, sunlight board, gypsum products, steel structure
Doors and windows: wooden doors, plastic steel / aluminum alloy / steel doors, windows; various automatic doors, door control hardware systems and accessories, access control electronic systems
Stone: stone floor, gardening culture stone, special-shaped stone, stone material, stone; artificial stone decoration material
Glass: Art glass, architectural / decorative glass
Kitchen equipment: overall kitchen, cabinets, sinks, kitchen pendants
 Bathroom equipment (Exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Sanitary ceramics, bathtubs, whole bathrooms, steam rooms, showers, faucets, bathroom mirrors, bathroom furniture, water heaters, bathroom heaters, bathroom cabinets, partitions, swimming pool equipment, etc.
Chemical products
 Chemical products (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Inorganic chemicals: chemical elements, inorganic acids and non-metal inorganic oxides, non-metal halides and sulfides, inorganic bases and metal oxide hydroxides and peroxides, inorganic acid salts and inorganic peroxy acid salts and metal acids Salt, miscellaneous inorganic chemicals
Organic chemicals: hydrocarbons and derivatives, alcohols and derivatives, phenols, phenol alcohols and derivatives, ethers and derivatives, aldehyde-based compounds, ketones and quinone-based compounds, carboxylic acids and derivatives, non-metals Inorganic acid esters and salts, nitrogen-containing compounds, other organic compounds
Agrochemicals: chemical fertilizers, pesticides
Dyestuffs, pigments, paints and intermediates
Plastic and its products
Rubber and its products
 New energy (exhibitors in the exhibition area)
Solar photovoltaic products:
Solar cells and components
Photovoltaic related parts
Photovoltaic engineering and system
Photovoltaic raw materials
Photovoltaic production equipment
Photovoltaic application products
Solar thermal products:
Solar water heaters, solar heat pumps, solar collectors, solar air conditioners, other solar thermal products and accessories
Wind energy products and accessories
Other new energy products