Energy Saving Principle of Far Infrared Heater

- May 06, 2020-

The energy saving of the far-infrared heater is to form a cured coating on the radiant surface of the heater by electric heating paint.


Because of its high blackness on the surface, the coating can absorb a large amount of radiant heat energy, and because of its high emissivity, it can convert the absorbed radiant heat energy into far-infrared heat energy easily absorbed by objects and transmit it in the form of electromagnetic waves. Micron-level electric heating coating has a thick coating, large thermal resistance, and high reflectivity. It is used on the surface of the oven board to convert the lost heat energy into far infrared heat energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. Moisture absorption, thus leaving the thermal energy in the oven, not only reduces the temperature of the moisture discharge, but also makes the temperature in the oven increase, so that the temperature in the oven is fully utilized.


In short, the direct effect of the radiant heating energy convert to far-infrared heating energy by electrothermal coating is: raising the temperature of the oven, reducing the temperature of moisture loss, enhancing the rate of heat energy absorption of the heated object; reducing heat energy loss and saving energy.