Electric instant water heater advantanges

- Mar 20, 2020-

Electric instant water heater now is more and more popular in home appliances. Because there are 3 advantages of the instant water heater.

1. Firstly, there is no need to warm up, no need to wait. Instant electric water heaters generally have high power. When the water tap is opened, hot water with a suitable temperature can be supplied in a few seconds, which is very fast and convenient and meets the fast-paced life needs of modern people. It is ideal for customers who need to provide hot water instantly or for a long time, such as barbershops, hospitals, schools, etc. The most important thing is to save people's precious time.

2. It is Energy-saving and power saving. Because instant electric water heaters do not need to be preheated in advance, there is no heat energy loss during preheating. When used, they are turned off when not in use. As much water is used as there is no water. The energy consumption of water truly saves energy and electricity. Generally speaking, instant electric water heaters save 30% -50% of electricity compared to traditional electric water heaters. Therefore, the country classifies these products as energy-saving products. In the case of a shortage of water and electricity, it is undoubtedly very practical to focus on promoting this product. This is also an important factor for consumers to consider when choosing instant electric water heaters.

Third, safety and environmental protection. For electric water heater products, people are most worried about safety issues. In order to fully ensure the safety of consumer applications, instant electric water heaters are generally designed in this regard, such as the use of non-metal heating elements, hydroelectric isolation technology, leakage protection devices, ground protection, and other measures. Some manufacturers' products also provide There are many functions such as water control switch, audible and visual alarm, patented circuit, magnetized anti scaling, over-temperature power-off, high-pressure bleed, electronic control, temperature display, stepped power, etc. It can be said that in order to achieve foolproof safety, The manufacturers of instant electric water heaters have exhausted their efforts and worked hard.