Electric heating Equipment commonly used in drying industry

- Sep 29, 2020-

Electric heating Equipment commonly used in drying industry


  1. far infrared drying furnace


Principle: known as infrared dryer, infrared radiation heater, is the electrical energy or other forms of energy into the device of radiation energy, is the key component in the infrared heating system, infrared dryer is mainly composed of two parts, namely the heat source and radiation matrix.


Application: drying of anticorrosive paint, drying and curing of paint, paper drying, drying of tea, dried vegetables and various fruits, baking of bread and biscuits, drying of grain, heating of artificial environment, stage heating and family heating, etc.



  1. Tunnel dryer


Principle: loading materials by trolley makes full use of effective drying space and is suitable for drying materials of various shapes. The material passes through the whole drying interval the drying medium level, the up and down interactive transformation, the heat source has the steam boiler and the hot air furnace and the recycling utilization, the moisture discharge, the temperature adjustable, the application is widespread.


Application: frozen bean curd, dried fruit, dried fruit, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits and other agricultural and sideline products drying. Silicone plate, electrical components, baking paint, etc. Other industrial materials that require prolonged drying.



  1. Net belt dryer


Principle: the use of steel mesh as a conveyor belt to carry materials for continuous drying drying equipment. Drying regular or irregular blocks, driven by the transmission device in the dryer to move back and forth, hot air flow through the material, water vapor discharged from the drain hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.


Application: coal, all kinds of mineral powder molding block drying, food, vegetables drying.



  1. Microwave oven dryer


Principle: the penetration of microwave heating to improve the temperature of the material, so that the water in the material vaporization evaporation, evaporation out of the water vapor by the drainage system to achieve the purpose of drying materials.


Application: drying food, medicinal materials, wood, building materials, cardboard and other materials.



  1. Three return trip dryer

    Principle: Three-trip dryers are made up of three concentric cylinders with different diameters nested together, rather than interlocking, which is a chain. This particular structure determines the size of the output, so the new dryer is also called a three-trip dryer.



  2. Electrode drying box


    Principle: the heating element of the electrode drying box will convert the electric energy into heat energy, through the far infrared radiation element with a large number of far infrared ray irradiation to the electrode, under the action of radiant heat, make the water in the electrode coating quickly evaporate, achieve the purpose of removing water, drying electrode.


    Application: machinery, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum.



  3. Drum dryer


    Principle: The dryer is a cylinder tilted slightly in the horizontal direction. The material is added from the higher end, and the high-temperature hot flue gas and material flow into the cylinder. As the cylinder turns, the material moves to the lower end due to gravity. A copy plate is installed on the inner wall of the cylinder to pick up and sprinkle the material, so as to increase the contact surface between the material and the airflow, so as to improve the drying rate and promote the material forward. The dried product is collected from the lower end.


    Application: coal, diatomite, kaolin, straw, herbage, fruit residue, soy sauce residue, bagasse, slaughterhouse waste, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, ammonium phosphate.



  4. High temperature heat pump dryer


    Principle: the reverse carnot principle is used to absorb the heat of the air and transfer it to the room, so as to increase the temperature of drying room and realize the drying of materials with the corresponding equipment. The heat pump dryer consists of compressor - heat exchanger throttler heat absorber compressor and other devices constitute a circulation system.


    Application: drying sludge, herbs, fruits and vegetables, etc.



  5. Electric drying box


Principle: the electric heating pipe is heated by the power supply to generate heat source, and the circulation air is formed inside the oven by the blower to achieve uniform temperature, thus achieving fast drying effect, shortening the production cycle, saving energy, improving product quality and other purposes.

Application: mold, spraying, printing, medical, aerospace, electronic communication, plastic, cable, electroplating, hardware, automobile, photoelectric, rubber products.