Components and core components of meltblown cloth equipment

- Jun 08, 2020-

Meltblown head, automatic charging system equipment components, ultrasonic cleaning machine, air heater, centrifugal fan, screw extruder, electric hoist, meltblown web forming machine, meltblown offline winding machine, meltblown offline slitter and other key device.


1. Spinneret: The spinneret for the melt spinning method is a representative spinneret for the manufacture of synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. The thermoplastic resin is heated and melted at a certain speed in the air or water. Spinning method of extruding silk plate, cooling and solidifying into fiber.

2. Melt-blowing die head: the die head includes a die head body, a spinneret plate and a gas plate, the spinneret plate and the gas plate are detachably installed in the die head body, and a spinneret hole is provided in the spinneret plate , There are several slit grooves between the spinneret plate and the gas plate, and a plurality of gas circulation channels are also opened in the die head body, and the gas circulation channels communicate with the slit grooves, and the die head body The outer wall is provided with a gas pipe connection end, and the gas pipe connection end is communicated with the gas collecting chamber through a gas pipe, and an end surface of the spinneret of the spinneret is fixedly connected with a space flow stabilizing member. The other end face of the spinneret hole is fixedly connected with a pipe connection device, and the spinneret hole is connected with the discharge port of the screw extruder through the pipe connection device.

3. Melt-blown air heater: That is, the pipeline heater is composed of a body and a control system. The heating element is made of stainless steel pipe as a protective sleeve, high-temperature resistance alloy wire, crystalline magnesium oxide powder, formed by a compression process, and the control part is advanced The digital circuit, integrated circuit trigger, high back pressure thyristor, etc. constitute an adjustable temperature measurement and constant temperature system to ensure the normal operation of the electric heater.