Ceramic Stainless Steel Electric Band Heater

- Jul 31, 2020-

The stainless steel electric band heater is also a ring-shaped electric heater, and the material of this heater is stainless steel, which is similar to other electric heaters in function, but different appearance. Among them, there is a relatively common ceramic stainless steel electric band heater that is widely used, and how is ceramic and stainless steel combined?


Let’s see how ceramic and stainless steel are combined to form a ceramic stainless steel electric band heater. It is mainly processed through the following steps:


1. Use a lathe or related machine to bend the stainless steel plate into a circle shape, thus forming a basic contour;

2. Use an argon arc welding machine to weld the joints of the stainless steel ring, and use a grinder to polish to make the surface smooth;

3.Use ceramic material to inlay inside the stainless steel ring, and then wind the nickel-chromium alloy resistance heating wire.