Capillary thermostat use notice

- Mar 21, 2020-

1. When the liquid expansion capillary temperature controller leaves the factory, the regulating shaft is at the high temperature point;

2. When installing the liquid expansion temperature controller, the temperature sensing package shall be as close to the surface of the controlled temperature object as possible, or the whole temperature sensing package and the temperature measuring medium shall have good heat conduction, which can reduce the temperature error and achieve the goal of accurate temperature control. During installation, the temperature sensing package shall not be deformed to avoid affecting its performance;

3. Corrosive liquid or conductive medium enters into the liquid expansion thermostat or pollutes the thermostat surface, so as not to affect the electrical insulation performance and product function;

4. When installing the hydraulic expansion thermostat, do not press the main body with the fastening screw. M4 * 5 or M4 * 6 is the appropriate fastening screw to avoid the main body deformation and the action temperature drift;

5. Capillary tube and temperature sensing bag are vulnerable parts, which shall not be bruised, flattened or broken. The main body and the junction between the temperature sensing cylinder and capillary tube shall not be twisted within 40mm. The bending radius of capillary tube shall be greater than 5mm. The capillary tube is hollow wire. Do not bend hard or at right angles to avoid blocking the flow of liquid inside. ;

6. The main body of the liquid expansion thermostat is sealed with red paint and fixed with nuts and screws, which are carried out after the temperature characteristic test and are not allowed to be adjusted at will. Otherwise, the performance of the thermostat will be changed;

7. The maximum allowable temperature of the temperature sensing package of the liquid expansion temperature controller: H / off (maximum temperature) + 30 ℃. If the temperature value is exceeded during use, the liquid expansion temperature controller will be damaged. When the temperature limiter is reset, it can only be reset manually when the temperature of the temperature sensing cylinder is reduced by more than 50 ℃;

8. The liquid expansion temperature controller should be handled with care to avoid damaging or affecting its performance.

9. When wiring, do not bend the terminal to avoid the change of internal spring clearance.

10. The input voltage and current shall not exceed the rated electrical specification of the product.

11. Do not press the temperature sensing rod hard to deform, so as to avoid internal pressure change and affect the accuracy.