Brief Introduction about Electric blanket

- Oct 08, 2020-

The electric blanket is a kind of contact electric heating appliance, it will be specially made, the soft cable type electric heating element with the insulation performance up to the standard is woven or sewn into the blanket in the form of a snake, and it emits heat when it is energized.

It is mainly used to increase the temperature in the bed during sleep to achieve the purpose of heating. It can also be used for dehumidification and dehumidification of bedding. It has a history of more than 100 years with low power consumption, adjustable temperature, convenient use and wide use.


The electric blanket without signal line is used for ordinary electric blanket. The electric heating alloy wire used is linear, but more is spirally wound on the heat-resistant core wire, coated with a

Layer of heat-resistant resin.


The electric blanket with signal line is used in the temperature-regulating electric blanket. The wire core is braided with glass fiber or polyester yarn, wrapped with flexible and flexible electric heating alloy wire (or foil tape), and covered with a nylon heat-sensitive layer or special plastic heat-sensitive layer, and then a copper alloy signal The wire is wound around the heat-sensitive layer, and the outermost layer is coated with a heat-resistant resin. When the temperature at any point on the electric blanket exceeds a predetermined value, the heat-sensitive layer on the corresponding electric heating wire at that place changes from an insulator to a good conductor, so that the control circuit is turned on and the electric blanket is powered off to achieve temperature control and safety protection. purpose.

Common electric blankets without signal wire heating elements are used. For temperature control, there are generally two types of temperature control elements: one is an overheating safety thermostat, and each bed requires 8-9 electric blankets in series. The electric heating element plays the role of safety protection; the other type is the thermostat controller, which is set at the bedside or hand side to adjust the temperature. An electric blanket that uses an electric heating element with a signal wire only needs a constant temperature controller.