Attentions when using a electric clothes dryer

- Mar 31, 2020-

1. Use the special socket according to the power consumption. It is best not to plug it into a multi-socket. When disconnecting the power supply, please be careful to hold the plug and unplug it. Do not pull hard on the power cord to avoid damaging the connection part of the plug and the wire.

2. In order to avoid fire, it is absolutely prohibited to dry clothes with chemical solvents such as dry-cleaning liquid, volatile oil, thin materials.

3. The clothes are fully dehydrated before being placed in the dryer, which saves drying time and saves power. It is not allowed to inject water into the clothes dryer, let alone spray water upwards, otherwise, it may cause electric shock accidents and cause damage to the clothes dryer.

4. In order to prevent plastics from aging and deforming, do not place the fire source near the clothes dryer, and do not place heat sources such as candles and mosquito coils on the clothes dryer.

5. Before drying clothes, the sundries in the clothes bag must be cleaned out, and firewood, cards, coins, etc. should be mixed into the machine, scratching the drum and even causing a fire.

6. There are rotating blades in the suction port at the back of the dryer, so you cannot put your hands and items into the suction port. To avoid danger, as shown in the figure.

7. When using a clothes dryer, be sure to install a filter and remove the lint on the filter in time. Missing or not installing the filter will cause dust to accumulate inside the dryer, which is difficult to remove, and will cause the dryer to malfunction.

8. Sweaters, woolen fabrics, towels, etc., which are prone to fuzzing and shrinking, should not be placed in a dryer. It is absolutely forbidden to dry the laundry stained with the paste, or the paste will block the filter and cause failure.