Application research of PTC electric heater in constant humidity and humidity air conditioner

- Aug 17, 2020-

PTC electric heater is better than traditional electric tube, stainless steel is mainly manifested in its security, reliability, automatic heat capacity, heating speed, power qualitative requirements and service life, etc, are better than traditional stainless steel electric heater, but due to the PTC heater is rated input power attenuation problem over time, therefore should be chosen in the design of the input power is deviation of the product, to reduce the influence of time after use electric heating power attenuation.

Because the electric heater is one of constant temperature and humidity air conditioning pattern in our internal heavy equipment, therefore, the use of reliability and safety is 1 to use PTC heater of the electric heater as the constant temperature and humidity machine not only can improve the safety of the constant temperature and humidity air conditioner and reliability at the same time, due to the PTC electric heater heating speed, and 1 heat automatic adjustment function, can also enhance the temperature of constant temperature and humidity machine to adjust the speed and accuracy, is an ideal electric heater.