Application of industrial pipeline heaters in the field of domestic sewage treatment

- Nov 20, 2020-

Application of industrial pipeline heaters in the field of domestic sewage treatment

Efficacy of pipe heater

The pipeline heater can strengthen the decomposition ability of microorganisms during the heating of sewage, and the decomposition efficiency is greatly accelerated, which is already the top priority of wastewater treatment today.

Pipeline heaters are generally divided into two types in the production process, one is a liquid pipeline heater, and the other is a gas pipeline heater. The gas pipeline heater can be dry-fired and is generally used for air heating, while the liquid pipeline heater is very useful , Can heat oily substances, various liquids, etc. Of course, water heating can also be easily achieved.

The liquid pipeline heater uses benzoic acid as a heating agent. The metal wire strengthens the refractory fiber layer, and the double-layer coating layer closely combined and distributed along the entire length of the resistance wire strand and the resistance wire strand in the center form a whole The type of direct heating monomer that can be bent at will and can be in close contact with the heated object. The heating monomer is repeatedly wound to form a strip according to the shape and size of the heated object, and then multiple parallel monomers are horizontally arranged with metal wires Wear and knit together to form a woven high-temperature electric heater that can be directly wrapped around the object to be heated.


What is better than other heating equipment?

The pipeline liquid heater has obvious advantages, mainly as follows:

1. It can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure;

2. High thermal efficiency, up to 95%, temperature control accuracy up to ±1℃;

3. The equipment is small in size and flexible in installation. It should be installed near the heat-using equipment with high power;

4. Fast thermal response, high temperature control accuracy, and high comprehensive thermal efficiency;

5. Wide application range, strong adaptability, suitable for explosion-proof or ordinary occasions, its explosion-proof grade can reach B and C grades, and its withstand voltage can reach 20Mpa. And the cylinder can be installed vertically or horizontally according to user needs;

6. The heating temperature is high, and the design maximum working temperature can reach 650℃, which is not available in general heat exchangers;

7. Long life and high reliability. It is made of special electric heating materials. In addition, the design power load is conservative. The heater adopts multiple protections, which greatly increases the safety and life of the heater.