A bread toaster's characteristics

- Apr 01, 2020-

Bread toasters are heating appliances. Its function is to generate enough heat near the slices of bread to bake the bread. Without a pop-up toaster, breakfast wouldn't be as rich as it is today. Below we summarize some of the features of the toaster

The function of thawing, reheating and canceling the button is over. The automatic power-off protection function has an easy-to-clean breadcrumb recovery tray for easy cleaning.

The upper shelf can be removed or put on top, which is convenient for keeping or heating the cooled bread.

Electromagnet pull-in function, automatic power-off function, 7-speed working time setting, controlling the length of baking time, controlling the color of bread slices, working indicator display, unique dust cover and unfolding grill function:

1. Standard oven mouth width can bake two slices of bread at the same time;

2. Multi-gear adjustment, which can adjust the intensity of light and dark, and enjoy different delicious tastes;

3. Electromagnetic temperature control heating makes the baking degree freely adjusted;

Detail drawing of toaster structure

Detail drawing of toaster structure

4, electronic safety short-circuit device, more convenient and safe to use;

5. The bread can pop out automatically after baking, easy to operate;

6. The bottom is equipped with a debris recovery tray, which is easy to clean.