Aluminum Foil Refrigerator Defrost Heater

Aluminum foil Refrigerator defrost heater made by Jaye Industry can be supplied with adhesive in the back for quick fixing to the area requiring temperature maintenance or defrosting. They are used where a low cost, economical heat source for area or surface heating is required. The Aluminum...
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Aluminum foil Refrigerator defrost heater made by Jaye Industry can be supplied with adhesive in the back for quick fixing to the area requiring temperature maintenance or defrosting. They are used where a low cost, economical heat source for area or surface heating is required. The Aluminum foil refrigerator defrost heater made by Jaye industry have the advantage of long  service life, safe use, equal heat conduction, moisture and water proof, portable, convenient to handle at cheap price.


Specifications For Aluminum Foil Refrigerator Defrost Heater



Electrical insulation


Silicon rubber


Any dimension on request


20V, 240V; or customized


Up to 2.5KW/m2


≤±5% on resistance

Insulation resistance in normal temperature

≥100 MΩ

Dielectric strength in normal temperature

1800V 2S, No flashover and break down

Leakage current in working temperature

≤0.02 mA/m

Connect strengthHeater wire and lead wire≥36N 1minLead wire and terminal≥58.8N 1minHeater and Al-foil400g/ 1min


Standard Leads

10” Glass Fibre


Appliance for Aluminum Foil Refrigerator Defrost Heater

Apply to rated voltage bellow 250V, 50-60Hz, related humidity ≤90%, diffuse heat after conduct electricity in an environment temperature of -30℃-+50℃.It is generally used in refrigerator, defrost and other electric appliance.


Feature of Refrigerator defrost aluminum foil heater:

1. Long life

2. Rapid Heating

3. Safety, environmental protection

4. Easy installation.

5. Low cost with long service life and high efficiency.

6. It is customizable include shape,surface,specification etc.

Application-Aluminum Foil Heater

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Packing & Delivery

Quality-Aluminum Foil Heater


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