Custom Cartridge Heater

Custom Cartridge Heater

Cartridge heaters are more and more used in heating industry,because the convenient installing method and the space saving structure. Jaye makes the cartridge heaters as per customer's specified requirements. We custom make various size and types of this heaters with high quality. Product...
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Cartridge heaters are more and more used in heating industry,because the convenient installing method and  the space saving structure. Jaye makes the cartridge  heaters as per customer's specified requirements. We custom make various size and types of this heaters with high quality.

 Cartridge Heater Structure

Product Manual:

 1. Imported high-power mold cartridge heaters is made of high-quality Cr20Ni80 nickel-soldering alloy electric heating wire and 304 seamless stainless steel tube, produced by introducing foreign technology, and the heating body is made of magnesium oxide rod and wire-wound type (ordinary cartridge heaters is Magnesium oxide tube string type), its products have the characteristics of high power, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, and long service life.

 2. The diameter of it is minus 10 wire (for example: product specification Φ10*100, actual diameter 9.9)

 3. The lead-out wire of the imitation imported it is a hard lead wire connected to a high-temperature wire, and the lead-out wire of the ordinary one is a steel wire. The lead wire is over-long and needs to be explained when ordering.


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Product Features:

1. High efficiency

Short size, high temperature, high surface load. High-precision products that have undergone in-depth research to transfer heat with low consumption;

 2. Electrical performance 

It has excellent insulation performance, especially when it is cold, it can maintain good insulation performance;

 3. Longevity

The use of high-nickel alloy heating element has high temperature resistance and performance, and the use of heat-resistant insulating magnesium oxide makes it significantly longer life than traditional products;

 4. Operability

Even if multiple simultaneous heaters are used, they will not interfere with each other, and wiring can be easily completed in the box;

 5. Fastness

Adopt a structural design that can withstand mechanical vibration and impact during use, and the fixed baffle structure is easy to fix and use the heating tube;

 6. Types and models

There are various types and shapes. There are metric and imperial sizes, conventional and non-standard types, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Product use and scope of application

The single-ended outlet electric heating tube is suitable for working in the heating medium that cannot be connected at both ends, such as high and low temperature insertion heating of various large and small molds and mechanical equipment, including dies and other molds, medical equipment, plastic sealing machines, bottle closures Cover machine, continuous automatic sealing machine, cigarette making machine, etc.


Selection principle of cartridge heaters:

Temperature resistance and corrosion resistance: For low temperature pipes, BUNDY, aluminum pipes, and copper pipes are generally used. High temperature pipes are generally stainless steel pipes and Ingle pipes. In the case of severe water quality, Teflon electric heating pipes and stainless steel coating treatments can be used. Heater. Stainless steel plus coating treatment electric heating tube can be used in poor water quality conditions. Ingle 840 electric heating tube can have good oxidation resistance and good corrosion resistance under high temperature working conditions. General Ingle code pipes They are all replaced by domestic 2520 materials and have the same effect.


Our Jaye Technology uses high-quality materials and strict process technology to make single-head electric heating tubes with excellent electrical insulation properties and extremely high electrical strength. Various types and shapes of electric heating tubes can be produced according to the product drawings and technical requirements designed by users. The material of electric heating elements can be customized according to user requirements.

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