Australian Customer Ordered 2000pcs Electric Heating Pad For Pets

- Mar 11, 2020-

This Australia finds us to make the electric heating pad are for pet dogs when they are doing surgery for the dog, so they need to use the electric heating pad to keep warm. Before finding us, they purchased the heating pad from another supplier from Zhejiang as he told us when he come to visit us for a factory inspection. He said he placed an order for 5000pcs, but when they get the trial order for hundreds of pieces, they found the heating area is ununiform, some area is with high temperature, some area temperature is very low, which made when they are doing surgery for a dog, the dog was burned. With unhappy experience, when he found our factory workshop is totally dust-free and our professional engineer team and testing equipment. After sending samples with fast time, he placed the order directly. 

Thank you very much for his trust.