Why the quartz heating tube of disinfection cabinet is easy to break?

- May 04, 2020-

The heating tube of the disinfection cabinet is generally a quartz heating tube that generates heat by the resistance wire. To put it bluntly, is to put the coiled resistance wire in a quartz glass tube which is a quartz heating tube. As long as the heating tube is heated uniformly, it will not be broken.

The following conditions are easily damaged.

1. The voltage is too high:

When the voltage is higher than the normal voltage, the electrical self-flow through the resistance wire will be relatively large. Because the resistance wire cannot achieve the absolute specification diameter in the process. When the resistance of a certain section or point suddenly becomes large. The current in this place will be greater than in other places. The heating of the resistance wire at this section or point will be abnormally high until it is finally broken.

2. The uneven distribution density of the resistance wire of the heating tube will cause the heating of the heating tube to be uneven. The resistance wire in the bright place is getting thinner and thinner. It will eventually burn out from there.