Why does the quartz heating tube burst?

- Apr 22, 2020-

The reasons for the quartz heating tube burst are mainly following 10 reasons,

1. The production process is not close, if the craft is not closed during the sealing process of the quartz tube, it is easy to leak slowly, and the tube will burst in a few seconds during use;

2. Wrong type selection, 220V fever tube selected by 380V voltage, then the wiring method is wrong, the temperature of the fever tube is too high to form a burst tube;

3. The design of the quartz heating tube manufacturer does not meet the standard, the power design per meter is too large, the internal temperature of the tube is too high to form expansion, and the phenomenon of tube explosion occurs;

4. The protective gas did not reach the process requirements, and the formed heat accumulated and the tube burst;

5. The wall thickness of the infrared heating tube quartz heating tube is too thin to meet the production requirements;

6. The user mixes the infrared fever tube, and the electric heating element originally designed for mold heating is directly used for air-dry burning, and the electric heating element used for liquid heating may be used for air-dry burning to form a tube explosion phenomenon;

7. When the quartz heating tube is used, it may be damaged by an external impact or sudden impact;

8. When the quartz heating tube heats media such as water or thermal oil, there are many impurities in the medium, and the scale or carbon deposition speed is fast. The user does not arrange the surface of the tube so that the surface of the tube body is thicker and thicker. Heat dissipation, heat accumulation, and its internal temperature is too high, thus cracking and bursting occurs;

9. There is no temperature control on the quartz heating tube, making it work at the limit temperature for a long time;

10. The wiring connect method is wrong, but the star connection should be used instead of the triangle connection.