What are the application fields of stainless steel thick film heating tube?

- Jun 30, 2020-

Stainless steel thick film heating tube is composed of food grade stainless steel substrate, inner insulating dielectric layer, resistance heating layer and outer insulating dielectric layer. It has the advantages of small volume, high heating efficiency, fast heating speed, water and electricity separation and durability. Combined with the whole machine's temperature control technology and spiral heating channel design, advanced control and feedback control are combined to adjust the mixing ratio ahead of schedule, and adjust the flow of water to change the temperature of hot water, so as to realize the function of adjusting the speed of hot water and water temperature at second speed. The internal water and circuit areas of the faucet should be isolated from water and electricity, with secondary grounding protection, anti drenching and splashing protection and over temperature protection. True 360 ° peace of mind protection.


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