How to use an infrared paint curing lamp?

- Apr 22, 2020-

The infrared paint curing lamps are mostly used for car painting. And most automobile paints are all baking paints. 

In the car factory, the frame and body are welded. After manual repair of the body, the next process is painting. Generally speaking, the first is the primer. Immerse the white-skinned body in a syrup-like paint tank and take out the drying primer; then send it to a dust-free workshop, spray it with the electrostatic painting process, and then dry it at a temperature of about 200 degrees. Some will be coated with varnish. In this way, the painting process is complete. There are several general finishes: ordinary paint, metallic paint, and pearlescent paint. The main components of ordinary paint are resin, pigment, and additives; metal paint has more aluminum powder, so it looks bright after completion; pearlescent paint is added with mica particles. Mica is a piece of thin, reflective, and it has a colorful effect. If it is a metallic paint with a varnish layer, the car paint looks very dazzling.

The infrared paint curing lamps are very easy to operate, just make sure to set a suitable temperature for different paints.