How to deal with the scale of heating pipe effectively

- Aug 07, 2020-

Scale accumulation will surround the heating tube layer by layer. The thermal conductivity of scale is very low, resulting in a waste of electric energy. At the same time, due to more scale and poor thermal conductivity, the internal temperature of the electric heating tube is too high, which will greatly shorten the service life of the heating pipe. Generally speaking, the electric heating tube with service life of 3 years can only be used for half a year to one year in case of excessive scale. In addition, the scale is easy to breed bacteria and pollute the water quality. If it is serious, it will cause the surface of the electric heating tube to burst and damage, causing the risk of electric shock.

The following is a brief introduction of several methods to reduce the formation of scale.

1. Its characteristic is not to change the external shape of the heating pipe, the power is not limited, and the technical parameters of the common heating pipe are roughly the same. The feature is to add a layer of waterproof scale coating on the surface of the stainless steel heating pipe. According to the test and the use results of customers, the effect is very obvious.

2. It can effectively prolong the service life of the magnesium rod, ensure the maximum protection of the inner liner, and prevent the electric heating tube from scaling.

3. Quartz glass electric heating pipe with enlarged diameter is adopted. The water quality in North China is hard and water is easy to scale. As the base material of quartz glass electric heating tube is high-purity silica, the physical and chemical properties of silica are not active, and it is not easy to absorb impurities in the heating state. In addition, the quartz glass electric heating tube emits far-infrared ray during heating, which can play a role in softening water quality. Therefore, this kind of electric heating pipe is not easy to scale.

4. Use an instant water heater. The maximum water temperature of the instantaneous water heater is controlled at 50 ℃, which is the critical temperature of scaling. The bath temperature is lower than this (generally 35 to 45 degrees), so it is difficult to scale. Even in the northern area where the water hardness is higher, the scaling is only slight after long-term use.

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