How to choose the heating element of steam ovens?

- Apr 22, 2020-

The material of the heating element of the steam oven is mainly stainless steel and quartz heating tube. 

The quartz heating tube is a milky quartz glass tube processed by a special process and is equipped with a resistance composite material as a heating element. Because the milky quartz glass can absorb almost all visible light and near-infrared light from the heating wire radiation and can convert it For far-infrared radiation. Its advantages are fast heating, good thermal stability. And disadvantages are easy to be brittle, difficult to reprocess, unable to control temperature accurately. So the quartz heating tube is mainly suitable for relatively small ovens.

Stainless steel heating elements are mainly used SUS301S and Incoloy 840. The stainless steel heating tube heats the fluid by forced convection. Its advantages are corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, good heat resistance, safety, strong plasticity. Comparing with Incoloy 840 materials, 301S's corrosion resistance is stronger. Soaking in water for a long time without worrying about being corroded and rusted by steam. Thus it is the best roasting tube for steam oven.

Besides the material of the heating element, when you choose the heating element for the steam oven, choose a good supplier of the heating element is also very important.